Weststate Billiards
Billiards Distribution
Project Intro

Since 1946 West State Billiards has been one of the top pool table and arcade distributing companies in the great North West.We handled the design and development of their website that included a gallery, online store, and a blog. Needless to say this project was a huge opportunity to showcase the best of our abilities.

West State is known for its creative and colorful billiard table designs and we wanted to capture that same originality in their website. The large product list and galleries presented a few challenges along the way, compelling us to refine our design to its simplest components.
After pulling all of our mental powers to strategize content placement and graphic design, it took us about 4 weeks to complete the front-end, content management system and the online store. We created a colorful and seamless design that exemplifies their products' unique craftsmanship. By using a synchronized creative layout strategy we were able to produce a timeless website everyone was excited about.
Through the website and the weekly newsletter West State Billiards is able to create a larger audience and collect relevant Information to better design their email campaigns. This allows them to optimize their method of sales and speak the language of their demographic with more success than their previous methods.