Racers Division
Automotive Industry
Project Intro

Racers Division is owned by my creative and ambitious brother, Jared. We've worked together as freelance web designers for over 12 years, honing our craft and working toward even bigger dreams. Jareds dream to own and operate his own mechanic shop was realised early last year in the form of Racers Division.

The main objective was to create a professional image that represented RD’s quality of service. I designed the RD brand, the visuals of the current RD website and filmed a series of Parc Drift events at Pat’s Acres, ( Go-kart complex ) to further my skills in filming and video-editing.
I’ve learned so much in the past few years doing media, learning from my mistakes and continuing to produce better and better content for RD and Parc.
Our parc videos have reached thousands of people , our top video, ShaDynasty @ FinalBout SSW, gaining 78k views. Not to mention it's been the most fun I’ve ever had. We hope to continue filming and creating something worth watching.