Lau Ola
Medical cannabis research
Project Intro

Lau Ola is a medical cannabis dispensary, their goal is to bring healing and comfort to the families and patients who reside in the community of Hawaii. Lau Ola wanted to create a website that would profoundly inform the community on how they could start the path of healing, while answering any questions patients or family members may have concerning their physical and mental health.

The approach was clear, this site was built for the community. We wanted to represent their professionalism while offering a user-friendly navigation, so Lau Ola would effectively inform the public of medical cannabis qualifications options, and programs.
We Designed the site with clean and interchangeable components to give the founders of Lau Ola the ability to add creative content and a variety of content-types on the fly. We accomplished this by using our custom website manager ( CMS Builder ). Our objective is to give our clients independence from the web developers so changing content is easy and affordable.
We are proud to offer a powerful community website to Lau Ola and their patients.
We believe the flow of vital information depends on the detail of design, the value in research and distribution of that content so people in the community have a peace in mind.