Horizontal Motorsports
Automotive Industry
Project Intro

Horizontal Motorsports is a Full Service State of the Art Automotive Repair & Performance Facility. On this project we worked with Racers Division, a longtime business partner we've used before. They produce the front-end design for automotive clients, and we're glad to be part of the race culture again to create another video game styled website.

In VA & RD ( Racers Division ) we’ve designed automotive and motorsport themes before but we’re always improving our game, HMS was an opportunity to advance our CSS skills and deliver a better mobile-responsive website since Nameless Performance.
With HMS we decided to start from ground up and redesign our css framework to create cleaner, and more effective code for desktop and mobile design.
This was a great success to market Horizontal Motorsports, now they can share their builds, products, and related news in the race culture. Building this website was a journey that paved the way to our newer motorsport themed websites and even other websites we’ve remastered.