Family To Family
Christian Counseling
Project Intro

Family to family is a therapeutic counseling service in Portland, Oregon.
They serve individuals, couples and families with a wide variety of services such as ; Christian Counseling, counseling for Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Phobia. The approach for their website was simple, we wanted to share who they are, their passion and what they offer. Our goal was to deliver valuable information while building a solid rapport with people who earnestly want help.

There wasn't too many challenges when designing the website or strategy considering this was a redesign of their original website. The objective was to keep the tone welcoming and user friendly, ultimately to guide users to the answers they needed in a simple but professional format.
We hit the drawing board and implemented Barbara Hafdahl's ideas after our initial discussion over the future improvements. Overall we're proud of the outcome, the website looks inviting, professional, it's easy to navigate relevant content and it's mobile design is flawless.
Clients love it!!! it was a major make-over that influenced the user's decision when evaluating what route to travel. We hear this often, that the content can be great, however if the package is poorly wrapped, then that can potentially deter a client from choosing you. We wanted to eliminate any doubt, that Family To Family Counseling is the best choice, we accomplished this by creating a great design.