Dahui Surf
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Project Intro

DA HUI was born in Hawaii by a group of surfers, who were also known as the "black shorts". These are extreme and proud people who have strong feelings about the protection and preservation of the Hawaiian culture. Dahui Surf sponsors a variety of the best surfers and MMA fighters, Our goals was to create something more than a website but help build a brand and online store.

Dahui had plenty of content to work with, we wanted to showcase media from all surfers and fighters along with representing the Dahui founders.
We created a sport theme with a great UX flow, designed around the demand for content, We also set-up a “bigcommerce” store to sell Dahui apparel for both men and women.
This website has great features for the users to experience such as, an event calendar, blog, and athlete's page. We took on the photography aspect as well to showcase their products on our bigcommerce store.