Digital marketing is about affectively communicating value to the public. At VA MEDIA we give you the best tools and most effective methods to thrive in your market. We strive to lift the businesses we work with and improve communities through our expertise and relationships. 

Our Philosophy


A great plan begins with asking the right questions. We have helped hundreds of companies grow their businesses through online marketing and advertising. We've developed a successful strategy combination of research, design, and implementation that fundamentally gives you everything you need to market.


Whether a custom built website or on-site video production, VA Media is high quality. We believe in impowering you and your brand to thrive, using the best tools available, to build new connections and long lasting relationships within your community.


The fact that we're a network of freelancers, keeps our overhead and prices down. We are one of the most affordable in our industry, because we have the freedom to work from anywhere, this allows us to be cost effective when spending time and resources.


We're ethical and transparent when giving you results, we operate responsively by adjusting our metrics to produce better numbers. VA Media is about evolving and adapting to different methods that generate exceptional results. All of this is packaged to be informative and comprehensive in every VA marketing report.

Why VA Media

A Smarter Approach 

We are a freelance network of creatives that collaborate on a daily basis, this structure was developed to produce affordable services without sacrificing quality. We're creatives that value flexible schedules, while still retaining goals and deadlines, just without the quirky agency hinderances that delay progress and produce higher costs.

One-stop Creative Network

All our creatives have been with VA Media for several years. Whether you need a website, branding, packaging or video marketing, our network of complementary styles, creativity, and techniques produce amazing work.

13+ Years of Marketing Experience 

Since the rise of online business practices, we have been working closely with brands of all kinds. We developed the best branding concepts into pure digital goodness. Our consistent and reliable results can be credited to a family-owned business, with loyal partners, who strive for perfection.