Custom High-end Websites

High-end custom built websites are the best option for large companies that have more specific marketing needs. Websites that require interactive user experiences, greater growth capability, or an online store (e-commerce), will need to be custom built. High-end websites effectively incorporate your specific vision into every page, making your site unique, and competitive in your market. .

Wordpress Templates & Themes

A Wordpress template is an excellent alternative for a company that desires a simple website. Template sites can be quickly tailored to your specific needs, and are more cost effective than one’s that are custom made. Wordpress and custom-built websites both have their advantages, please speak with your web designer to determine which type of site is best for you.


There are many benefits to having an online store presence. An e-commerce site can increase profitability, decrease spending, and give your customers an easy way to shop online. We work with the top building platforms, such as Bigcommerce, Open cart, and Shopify, to generate quality and affordable online stores. Call us today to see what e-commerce platform is right for you.

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Hosting & Support

VA media offers low-cost hosting, as well as reliable website maintenance and tech support. We also will implement company email accounts that conveniently connect to your team and website, allowing your business to run smoothly.


Website Maintenance

Website maintenance can be challenging and frustrating. Meta titles, load speeds and content can become outmoded and must be renewed on a regular basis. These kinds of issues develop overtime and are difficult to detect. We offer regular maintenance on all of our websites and keep your online presence up-to-date and relevant.


Content Management

Every VA Media website comes with a content management system ( Website editor). This allows you to upload, replace, or remove content from your website without the use of a developer. As an alternative, we also offer content creation services to cultivate, edit, and upload content for you.

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