What We Specialize


Ad Campaign Design

Do you have a service, product, offer or event you want to advertise? We're a one-stop shop for online advertising, campaign strategy and graphic design. We have experience creating campaigns for Google Ad words, Facebook posts, Instagram and more. We'll help you structure your ads to better target your customers. We focus on effective headlines, eye-catching images, and professional graphics that set you apart from your competitors.


Google & Social Media ads

We have years of experience planning and setting up online ads, performing A/B split testing to see what ads work, and uprooting the ones that don't. We're dedicated and responsive when optimizing your ads, with fast and proven results.
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Influencer Marketing

What is Influencer Marketing? Influencers are organizations or brands that have a long standing relationship with an audience. Influencer Marketing is developing a relationship with those figures to promote your services through their platform, and is one of the most effective methods to promote your business. At VA MEDIA we help discover key influencers in your market and bridge the gap, to effectively advertise your services or product.

More Services

We’re a team of storytellers, creators, and builders with 13+ years of digital marketing experience.


    • Research & Analysis
    • Platform Choice
    • Campaign Planning
    • Campaign Evaluation
    • Budget Adjustments


    • Campaign Setup
    • Audience Setup
    • Ad Design
    • Schedule & Budget
    • A/B Split Testing


    • Campaign Launch
    • Month-month Management
    • Campaign Recommendations
    • Monthly Reporting