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Horizontal Motorsports is a Full Service State of the Art Automotive Repair & Performance Facility.

Visceral Artist has worked with them in the past to create the website experience you can see today. Their current website simply focuses on the performance and race car services at Horizontal Motorsports, but their business is much more. Now that they have made their name in the racing industry, they want to open themselves up to an extended demographic in terms of marketing; targeting not only speciality cars but also regular automobile maintenance. Their new site will feature a homepage that directs the user to either their specialty parts and racing site or the daily driver maintenance site, giving clients a better idea of what their company is all about. It is a great move for the brand and will bring in a broader range of customers. This kind of marketing intelligence is what separates Visceral Artist from the cookie cutter make-your-own-website platforms that are readily available today. If you would like more information about how Visceral Artist can help your business, visit our services page on Visceralartist.com or check out facebook.com/visceralartist and contact us today.

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