Acquiring Card Rhino as a client was a great achievement for Visceral Artist, this project presented many opportunities to learn and grow. Creating a business based on trading unused gift cards for cash was a new idea, but ultimately a successful one. During his research Card Rhino found that 44 billion gift cards have been left unredeemed since 2008! The numbers are so staggering it gives Card Rhino the ability to construct a unique brand, with many opportunities ahead.

To successfully build and market a brand like this it required some extra work. Card Rhino needed a gift card submission process so customers could receive cash online, a very important feature that I custom designed from the ground and up. Another vital part of the website was that our client wanted to sell gift cards without spending an exorbitant amount of money on a online store, so we connected his content management system to paypal in order to process these payments which allows him to work with Paypal's API.

This brand offers a straightforward and legitimate approach to selling gift cards. Unlike cardcash or cardpool, Card Rhino's system is quick and painless, instantly turning your gift cards into cold hard cash.
Entities such as Western union over complicate cashing in, with the Card Rhino brand we wanted to show how simple it is to turn cards into cash, so we designed a user friendly interface that breaks down the process into easy to follow steps to redeem your cash today.

Mural Design: Window andDoor Mockup

3D Office Mockup

Mural Design Proof

Completed Mural design: door

Completed Mural design: wall

Digital graphic design on glass

Printed glass graphic design

Digital graphic design on glass

Printed graphic design on glass

Logo Design / Branding

Logo Design / Branding Sign

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