Lane PR Christmas Greeting!
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Lane PR Christmas Greeting!

Lane PR is a major marketing firm in Portland, Oregon. They are an experienced public and investor relations digital marketing agency that specializes in magnifying messages and elevating brands. Lane PR has been in the marketplace for 25 years and they wanted to celebrate their hard work with an interactive Christmas card.

What Jill Williams ( Creative Director ) envisioned was very custom, every profile would be a domino, fading in one by one. Every image would have a rollover effect that would share a favorite memory and a hashtag of a personal thought. Needless to say this was a fun and complex project with interactive elements to deliver a joyous message.

We strategized the design and executed the animation with our Javascript skills to cycle through the team member information followed by a message from Lane PR as a whole. This project may have had a couple minor speed bumps but in the end we met our deadline with precision.
Lane PR mass distributed their greeting card to all their loyal clients, friends and family through mailchimp. This marketing method was a great example of how Lane appreciates their clients and honor their team members involved in making the company great.

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Posted by John Cooper, Case Studies


Posted by John Cooper, Case Studies

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