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Dahui Surf

DA HUI was born in Hawaii by a group of surfers, who were also known as the "black shorts". They are a proud people who have a passion for the protection and preservation of the Hawaiian culture and will stop at nothing to defend it.
We've done a good amount of work in Hawaii, and this website is one of our favorites. Dahui's style was fun and easy to create and has a similar feel to skater and surfer websites we've designed in the past.

This project was a major build for the Dahui brand, they needed a website, blog, online store and multiple photoshoots for their signature apparel. We've also uploaded all their inventory to the back-end of their online store. This undertaking took weeks but we're proud to produce something that respectfully represents the Dahui Brand, their sponsored surfers, and the involved MMA fighters.

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Posted by John Cooper, Case Studies


Posted by John Cooper, Case Studies

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