Visceral artist is a multimedia production company, we design and develop brands, websites, marketing material, online stores and even satisfy your photo and video needs.

VA was founded in 2014 by John Cooper, a freelance web designer in the great pacific northwest. John was mentored in web design by his older brother Jared Cooper and they've partnered together in business for over 11 years, VA is a company that eventually branched off in 2014, while Jared founded Racers Division, an automotive performance company and multimedia conglomerate. Today they still work together serving local business and abroad.
Our objective is to serve you, we offer incomparable quality of design. In today's world everyone has an outlet to be competitive, what sets you apart is your image, we help you build an identity that's professional, informative and compelling, so you're confident marketing your value to the public.

of working with us

100% objective-coding

We promise to proof our code, troubleshoot any issue and produce a website that looks great on your computer and smart phone.

Fully Custom Websites

It's common for design agencies to be chop-shops and promise you custom work, instead you a receive a wordpress theme with several dependencies and cause for serious errors, at a custom design price. Our websites are 100% custom designed, for you're unique needs, we develop clean code with minimal maintenance and promise responsive online support.

Brand Consistency

Whether you need a brand built or you have an existing public image, we design your marketing tools to seamlessly fit your identity.

No monthly subscriptions

The age of monthly susbscriptions has made it difficult to own your website, thus forcing monthly payments to your budget. VA offers you options to opt-out of endless payments and we give you full control of your intellectual property, with our buy-now or rent-to-own payment options.